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How to Get a Newborn Sleep in a Bassinet

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The most frustrating thing for new mothers is getting a newborn sleep in a bassinet.

However, don’t worry, today we have got all the answers to your question.

This tips works for me well so I hope they will also work for you.

However , before placing your newborn baby in the bassinet, make sure that you have fed them well, they have a clean diaper and clothes, and also they should feel loved and cared for.

If you want to get your newborn sleep in a bassinet try this tips. Make sure they are comfortable, the beddings should be clean and the room, use a noise machine or lullaby, have a solid bedtime routine, Lay the baby down when awake but tired, set the tone, and swaddling them.

In the rest of the article I will give more information about this tips and their importance in helping a newborn sleep in a bassinet.

Make sure the baby is comfortable.

This involves making sure newborn beddings are clean. It’s the role of the mother to clean and beddings and care for their baby. Remove everything in the bassinet that can interfere with the comfortability of the baby. This includes blankets, toys, clothes, and crib bumpers from the baby’s bassinet. The mattress should be firm and well fitting in the bassinet.

Bedtime routine

Bedtime routine is essential to teach your baby from the time they are newborns. Thus as they grow and develop, they have already mastered this process. It should be a solid routine and the same.
The routine may include:

At 7:30 p.m., the baby takes a shower using lukewarm water. After the bath, give a bit of massage when applying them oil.

Put them clothes. Change them clothes worn during the day and put them sleepers. Feed or breastfeed them before going to bed. Sing a lullaby to them, music from your phone, or use a white noise. By this time, the baby will be already asleep, so put them in a bassinet.

Check both the room temperature and the baby’s temperature.

It is always suitable to check the temperature’s of the room and newborn before putting them to sleep.

When the room is too hot or too cold makes them uncomfortable and therefore cannot sleep in a bassinet. The room temperatures should be cool with the range of 20 degrees Celsius to 22 degrees Celsius.
By doing this, you realize that every time they fall asleep in a bassinet, they get more hot or cold than when they fuss. Thus you can adjust this temperatures.

Baby sleeping in a bassinet

Use a white noise machine.

This is very crucial, especially if you have a newborn baby. White noise is a sound that is a kind of continuo and which has no rhythm or parent. It helps newborns and even adults fall asleep because the noise distract the brain and makes the baby more comfortable in their sleep. Use white noise or sing for them.


Babies like being swaddled; since they are light sleepers, they sleep as soon as they wrap. Snow the startle reflex that tends to occur more often, especially during sleep.

Get a comfortable bassinet.

A good choice of the bassinet is essential. It is always good to buy a new bassinet for your newborn baby. This is because you don’t want to risk your baby’s life by purchasing a second-hand bassinet that may be damaged or uncomfortable.

If you purchase a second-hand bassinet, it’s hard to tell what’s removed or assembled; therefore, you can risk your baby’s life. Make sure the bassinet you buy has good guidelines. The best bassinet that I recommend is the Roibei baby bassinet. It is the best and works perfectly for all newborns.
The baby should use the bassinet in the parents room for at least six months. This is to helps the parents to keep on eye on the baby every time. It should not lean against the wall to prevent conduction of heat or cold from the. wall

Set the tone.

This includes turning off lights and ensuring no other noise in the rooms. The curtains should be closed and the room dark. Switch off the radios and T.VS to give the baby a conducive space for sleeping. This helps them feel that they are in a different environment and it is time for them to sleep.

newborn sleeeping in a bassinet


To sum up, It’s always good to keep this tips consistent for you to see results. Don’t just try once and loose hope without finding the results.

We have discussed several tips which includes making sure the baby is comfortable, having a bedtime routine, checking both the temperatures of the room and the baby’s temperatures, using a noise machine, swaddling, getting the best bassinet and setting a tone for the baby.

I hope this tips will be of great impact to you and your newborn. They will keep your baby asleep not only in the bassinet but throughout the night. Let me know what’s your thought on this article and if you have any suggestion or comments don’t forget to post them in comment section below.

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