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How to adopt a newborn baby in Florida

Newborn baby adoption
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Adopting a newborn baby is a beautiful thing to do.

It’s a good act of selflessness that allows your family to be loved and cared for in a way they might not have otherwise.

If you’re interested in providing a child with a loving family, here is some information on how to adopt a baby in Florida.

The first step to adult, a newborn baby in Florida, is to complete your home study. Home study approves you as a family who is fit to adopt. There are two ways you can do your home study.

Adopting a newborn baby

Steps on how to adopt a newborn baby in Florida

The most common method is through an agency that helps you complete a home study. They will have a home study worker, a caseworker who comes to your house and does everything that is required.

On the other hand, if you do not want an agency but want to hire an attorney to help go through the process. Some agencies stand independently, known as home study agencies, and can help you do the studies. They are licensed to complete home studies only to complete home studies.

A home study is an investigation of your family to help you get approved as an adoptive family. They conduct background checks on who your parents are, when and where you went to school, who your parents are, what your hobbies are, and how much you earn a year.

They aim to ensure you have all the facilities and resources required to adopt a baby. They also need to verify that you are prepared for adoption.

Some agencies require you to take classes to ensure that you understand what adoption is. For example, if you want interracial adoption(a situation where a family adopts a child of a different race), it is essential to understand the dynamics. This is what is covered in the home study.

The second step after the home study is to get matched with a biological mother looking into adoption.

In this process, the biological mom looks at your profile and confirms to the family that she would want a baby to reside with. Once you have been chosen, you get notified.

After the matching process, the third step is to wait for delivery. This differs depending on the state on how long after delivery the mother has to stay before she agrees to the adoption.

For example, the mother has 48 hours in Florida to change her mind or agree with the adoption. In other states, the mother must sign the consent immediately after giving birth.

Adopting a newborn baby

The last step is finalizing your adoption in court by making it official. In some states, for example, Florida, if you are adopting a baby from Florida and the mother signs the document and takes your baby, you can finalize the adoption before returning to your state.

You must wait six months before finalizing that adoption in other countries or states.

What are the costs of adopting a newborn baby in Florida?

There are different types of adoption, their cost, and how to get your tax credit for adoptions. The cost of adoption can be between 0-40,000$.

This cost is not much if you are interested in adoption. These types of adoption include:

Foster adoption care

It is the cheapest type of adoption. This is where you’re adopting a child out of the foster care system. The child can be adopted by either another adoptive family or foster parents.

It is the least expensive type of adoption because the state pays all your expenses. The state even produces the attorney to do the adoption for you.

Step parent adoption

This is where a step-parent is adopting their stepchild, costing about $2,500 to $4000. This is a step-parent adopting more than one child.

Domestic private adoption

This means you are adopting a newborn baby from a family in your state or another. So, for example, you can be from Florida and adopt a baby from California.

The cost of domestic infant adoption depends on different things. The cost of attorneys hired during adoption also depends on whether the mother has medical expenses you will be responsible for and any fees, for example, the amount of money legally paid to the mother before adopting the baby.

Thus this may cost an average of $8000-1000 or more. This may also increase if you are adopting from a different state.

For example, if you live in Tennessee and are adopting a baby from Florida, you are operating in two different states, so you may need to pay more.

Domestic agency

This is whereby you’re adopting a newborn through an agency.

For example, as a couple, you decide that you need a family through adoption.

You will visit search engine optimizations such as Google and search for adoption agencies. By communicating with this agency, they will hook you up with a family that is interested in the adoption.

Thus in this process, you will need to hire a private agency and pay at least $10,000 for the agency to show your profile to different mothers. Thou the amount depends on the agency.

Always make sure the agency you’re using is licensed. Call them and ask them questions by inquiring how they will show your profile and much more.

Read their reviews and ensure you are comfortable working with them before sending your money.

International adoption

This is the most expensive adoption. This is whereby you are adopting a child from another country. For example, you live in the United States and want to adopt a child from the United Kingdom.

The cost can be expensive, an estimated $30,000-50,000 and even more. It depends on the country you are adopting from.

Adopting a newborn baby.


Adopting a newborn baby may seem simple, but you should be psychologically and financially prepared. Depending on your budgeters, you can plan to do any adoption.

It’s good to undergo all those processes we have discussed to prevent future legal issues. That’s all for today; tell me what you think about this article, and if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to post in the comment section below.

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