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All you Need To Know about Newborn Bibs

Newborn bib
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Newborn bibs are garments worn hanging from the neck to the chest to prevent clothing from being spilled by food. They are worn by newborn babies, toddlers, and also adults. Newborn bibs are mostly used by young children, newborns, and adults.

Do newborns need bibs?

This is a common question for teenage mothers as well as new mothers. The answer is yes, it’s important because it saves you a lot of time washing your clothes. Bibs are useful for newborns since they prevent stains from their clothes. The saliva and spilled breast milk leave stains.

newborn bib

Types of newborns bibs

Silicone bib

Silicone bibs are the best for newborns and babies. This is because they are easy to clean, unlike other fabrics that tend to wear out easily. When using silicone bibs you just need to wipe with a damp cloth. This makes it good for traveling and also for different occasions. Apart from that, you can also toss it in the dishwasher as you clean the dishes.

A silicone bib for babies and newborns

Made in a good design with an in-built pocket.

They have a crumb catcher design that makes it suitable for every child. This prevents the place from being messy. There might be very few pieces of food that would fall on the floor

Readily available

Silicone bibs are widely available in different colors and designs. Whether interested in the one that looks like a cute monster or an amazing tiger, all these shapes and designs are available.

Plastic bibs

Plastic bibs are environmentally friendly; they also make feeding fun and easy and protect newborn clothes from stains.

They are waterproof, non-toxic, odorless, and easily adjustable on the neck. They are also suitable for 1-3 years old since they are easy to clean by wiping with a wet towel.

Smock-style bibs.

Smock style bibs keep the baby covered all over, just like traditional bibs, it has a Velcro closure around the neck but it also has sleeves with Velcro and elastic cuffs and very long fronts that end up covering the tops of legs when seated.

They also have pockets on the fronts to catch the spills and stray bits of food. The pocket design allows it to sit above the table or high chair tray edge.

The fabric is waterproof and thus easy to wash even with a washing machine. They come in a variety of colors such as the strawberry and ocean breeze colors.

Smocky style bib for newborns

These bibs are essential for newborns and babies due to their high level of coverage when feeding a newborn food doesn’t just get on the front of their shirts, but everywhere. Thus, the smock bib keeps clothes protected and easy to clean.

What are newborn bibs for?

Newborn bibs are important for hygiene purposes when feeding the baby. For newborns, spitting milk after breastfeeding is normal. Also when a newborn takes a lot of breast milk the reflux which occurs leads the newborn to spit the milk.

Thus wearing a bib is essential for parents to let their newborns stay clean. It is also useful during traveling or vocations to prevent the baby from infections. We cannot assume a drooling period for a baby, the rate at which your baby drool should help you decide how many bibs you might need for a whole week.

How many bibs do you need for a newborn?

The number of newborn bibs depends on the potentiality of a family. Some will buy more while others will have small quantities depending on their status. For a start, you can have four to seven bibs which will cater for a whole week. They come up in variety and in different materials.

Are newborn bibs safe?

Yes, newborn bibs are safe and also prevent discouring of clothes for a newborn. However, the baby should not sleep with a bib. This can lead to the occurrence of SIDs.

what size is a newborn bib

yes, bibs come in different sizes depending on the age of the baby. Many parents or caregivers do not understand this and thus end up buying the wrong bibs for their babies.

Age Neck opening width

0-3 months 24cm 18cm

3-12 months 28cm 20cm

1-4years 32cm 24cm

Do newborns need to wear bibs all the time

The bibs should be worn by newborns all the time except when going to sleep or during bedtimes. This is because they may lead to SIDs. They should not sleep with anything in their cribs like pillows, hats, or even bibs which may lead to a bad sleeping position

Are bandana bibs effective?

Bandana bib for newborns

A bandana bib is a modern bib that acts just like the normal bibs. Bandana bibs are purported to be effective in preventing drool and food spills from reaching your clothing. They are also effective in keeping your clothing clean. They consist of several layers to make sure they absorb the droll.

These bibs are more comfortable at the waist. They don’t need anything to hold them up.


Newborn bibs are essential outfits to consider when buying clothes for them. They don’t only save on the time meant for washing their clothes as well as the resources to be used. Just imagine how one could have a long day removing stains from the newborns’ clothes if they had not used the bibs.

They cames in different varieties for different genders. They have different features depending on the type and the fabric of the bib.

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