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When to Remove a Newborn Baby Insert from the Car Seat

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When you are a new parent, you get a lot of advice from your friends, relatives, family, or even neighbors. Many things are taken into consideration, while others you don’t bother. This thing involves how to take care of a newborn. However, when removing an infant insert from a car seat, you should take it with great care. This article will discuss when to remove a newborn baby insert from a car seat.

In most cases, you can remove a newborn baby insert in a car seat when your baby is around six months to 8 months old. You can tell that the baby has outgrown the infant insert at this age because they may seem squished and uncomfortable in the car seat. You will also encounter problems in adjusting the car seat.

Do you need a newborn insert for the car seat?

Yes, having a car seat fitted with an insert is vital. The insert offers more support and padding to a newborn baby sitting in the car seat. It is crucial to buy a car seat fitted with an insert because it is safer than buying a car seat with different inserts.

This is unsafe for the newborn baby. However, depending on the car seat that you are using, most of the inserts are optional, but it’s advisable to read the manual to your car seat to see whether they are or not optional.

Newborn baby in a carseat

Sometimes some seats come up with a head insert, but these are also optional. You can remove it if you want. One thing that you should consider when using these head inserts is to ensure that there is proper breathing of your newborn baby.

Importance of insert in a car seat

It enables comfort and safety. It supports the baby’s head and neck, keeping them comfortable without harm.

Most of these seats come in a standard size, providing head and neck support, especially during the early months of a newborn, ensuring the baby rests well.

Most of them are also easy to remove and insert; thus, you can use them any time you want.

Newborn car seat myths.

There are myths related to car seats, including:

Children do not like car seats -this is not true because the car seats are meant for the safety of the newborn and the whole family.

Car seats are not compulsory. These are compulsory and needed anytime you travel with your baby in a car. They keep them

Newborn baby in a car seat


It is good to buy a car seat with an insert already fitted. This is because when you buy a car, insert separate, and the insert may not be compatible, making the newborn baby uncomfortable.

When the newborn is about 6 to 8 months, you can remove the inserts from them since, and in some cases, they are outgrown the insert.

That’s all for today. I hope this article will be of value to you. Don’t forget if you have any questions or suggestions, please post them in the comment section below.

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