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What Newborn Rights Does A Father Need to Show 

Fathers rights to a newborn
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You have always wanted kids.


When the time came, you did the right thing. You told your partner that you want to have kids and that you want to raise them together.

However, things don’t always go as you planned. And now you’re in a situation where you’re facing the wrath of a partner who doesn’t want to raise a child.

This is a very common issue, and you’re not alone in this. Today we are going to discuss the rights of a newborn from the father and how they are going to impact you.

Meaning of Human Rights

Human rights are the basic rights that belong to every person in the world.

They are significant to us even as newborn babies, teenagers, and even adults. Just as any other human being, newborn babies have rights that guide and safeguard them.

This issue of newborn rights came about in 1995 when the topic exploded onto the public with high custody disputes pitting prospective adoptive parents against emergent biological fathers claiming parental rights to children born out of wedlock.

Every year we receive millions of newborns born globally. Some parents take care of their newborns while others opt, to run away from responsibilities.

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UN, 1948) declares that “all human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights.” Thus the newborn by the nature of being physical and mental immaturity needs safeguarding and care.

Newborn rights

Rights of a Newborn Baby

Every newborn has a right to life and the most satisfactory levels of health. The government is responsible for the act of killing. We have several laws against the termination of newborns. It is unacceptable to torment an innocent soul, whether based on geographical, social status, religion, or any other kind of discrimination.

Every newborn holds the right to be born in the most suitable place. The environment should be conducive when giving birth. The mother, as well as the newborn, deserve support during giving birth without any form of discrimination.

Newborns should obtain all levels of health line. They should not miss any form of clinic or preventive measures.

No medical intervention should take place without the consent of a parent or a caregiver. Exclusively, in cases of emergencies, the physician needs to do it just to save the life of the newborn. There should be rejection against any form of discrimination or injustice.

Breastfeeding is necessary for the newborn. This is to enable a good mentality and psychic growth for the baby. Good nutrition is important since it helps in developing bones and muscles. All newborns should be registered after birth based on their nationality. They should be given a name that should be used when identifying them.

The newborns should be born naturally, without using drugs, induced labor forceps, or any other abnormal deliveries. This is to make sure the safety of the newborn.

Fathers rights to a newborn

Rights of an unmarried father to the newborn.

These newborn rights only apply to unmarried fathers, and not the married or divorced. Unmarried fathers do not have automatic parental rights and responsibilities, however, they can obtain these rights under the following circumstances.

  • He must have been living with the child’s mother at the time of birth. This is the time that the mother gave birth to the child.
  • He must have accepted or applied to be identified as the child’s father.
  • He must be able to pay for the dowry to the lady or the girlfriend. It is common in African communities where you will not be identified as a father without giving out those items. The level or the rate of the dowry depends on both families as well as the financial status of the father to the lady.

He must contribute to the bringing up and maintenance of the newborn.

All these circumstances are to be considered by the children’s court for the father to get the parental rights and responsibilities.


Newborn rights are important just as other human beings’ rights. However, these rights vary depending on the country.

For example, in the United States, if a couple is married and the father is named on the birth certificate, then he is granted parental rights and visitations of the baby and taking care of them.

While in other countries, these may be different, what matters is to follow the rules and guidelines put in place about newborns in every state or country.

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