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Is washing Hands before Holding a Newborn good?

Mother washing hands
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The first week with a newborn is amazing. Thou most new parents get a bit overwhelmed since they don’t understand whether it’s appropriate washing hands before holding a newborn.

There are many questions that arise such as is washing hands before holding a newborn good or bad? How do you prevent your baby from infections and so on?

Here’s everything you need to know about washing your hands before touching a newborn.

Washing hands before touching a newborn is important for both mother and newborn. Handwashing with soap is the most convenient way of reducing global infectious diseases.

It reduces diarrhea diseases which is a common course of morbidity and death among babies under five years.

Person washing their hands

New motherhood is a continuation of the teachable moments to their kids, thus proper hygiene should be maintained from pregnancy to childbirth.

According to Markov says that mothers’ hygiene behavior directly impacts the health of their children.

Therefore the early the mother adopts hygiene practices continue as a child grows thus reducing the rate of morbidity and mortality from common diseases such as diarrhea. Children learn important life skills from their mothers.

Thus it is good for a mother to wash their hands using soap to remove germs that could affect the newborn.

How to hold your newborn baby safely

Holding a newborn is essential and every parent should learn this skill and put them into practice.

The first technique of holding a newborn baby is the cradle hold. This allows you to have one hand free at all times.

We understand that life does not stop because you have a newborn and so you can hold your baby and do other things.

Mother holding a newborn baby

When it comes to cradle hold what you should do is hold the baby with your left hand and the right hand should be supporting their head and neck then spin her around and place her inside your elbow. Allow the back to rest on your forearm.

The next technique is the snuggle hold. This is a good way to make your newborn comfortable especially if they are tired.

You will start with your left hand under the bottom and the right hand supporting her head and neck. Then spin her around and bring her close to your chest. Make sure to turn her head in the direction where they can breathe well.

The baby will be able to hear your heartbeat, feel your warmth, and enjoy as she will be in the right position. You can move her to the lower part of your shoulder as you continue supporting her.

The next method of holding a newborn baby is football hold. This is the favorite, especially for fathers and even during breastfeeding for mothers.

Again hold the baby with the left hand on the baby’s bottom and right hand supporting their neck and head.

Spin her bottom around, placing her legs underneath your right arm. Allow her to rest on your right forearm as you support them.

The next method is the face-to-face method. This is where you hold the baby facing directly to your face by supporting their head and neck.

Besides that, you can hold the newborn using the belly method. It’s a perfect method and secure position. This is where you place them in your left forearm and bring her to the horizontal position for burping.

Should you let other people hold your newborn

It depends if they are your friends and relatives you can let them hold the baby but if its people you don’t know it’s wise to refuse to give your baby out. Thus these relatives and friends should always be washing hands before holding a newborn.

This might show some kind of negativity but it’s good for the health of your newborn.

How can you prevent newborns from acquiring germs?

Avoid large crowds unless at family meetings or come together.

Always avoid large crowds especially when a newborn is 2 months and below. Unless you are attending family events or coming together. This prevents the newborn from inhaling toxic air which may lead to diseases. This is also to keep them safe and care for them

Teach etiquette to other siblings such as to wash their hands before holding the baby.

It is good to teach your old siblings etiquette such as washing hands before holding a newborn with soap and running water before holding the baby and covering their mouths with their elbows when coughing.

This prevents them from holding the newborn with germs.

Mother washing the hands before touching the newborn

Breastfeed your newborn baby

Breastmilk contains antibodies that prevent newborns from infections. The mother passes a lot of proteins, fats, fiber, and vitamins which protect the baby from germs and infections.

Get immunized as a mother

Just as a newborn gets immunized the mother should also get a flu vaccine and a booster for pertussis. This will help you protect the baby anytime you are sick.

What are some signs that a newborn is not feeling well?

The signs that a newborn may not be feeling well include.


Difficult in breastfeeding

Crying more often

Rapid or difficulty breathing.

Low or high body temperature

mother washing her hands


To sum up, washing hands before holding a newborn is important to enhance the baby’s development. What you do for your newborns today will be of positive or negative impacts on their lives. Thus it is good as parents to ensure that our hygiene and that of a newborn are considered well.

That’s all for today! I hope you find these tips will help you take care of your newborn well. Let me know in the comments below if you have any questions or suggestions.

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