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Can you bleach newborn clothes? Everything you need to know

ia it safe bleaching newborn clothes
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Have you ever wondered if it’s safe to bleach newborn clothes? Does it have an effect? We’ll explain how to safely use bleach for baby clothes and remove stains with a diluted bleach solution.

Yes, it is crucial to use bleach baby clothes. They come in different varieties. Don’t bleach clothes made of wool, silk, and leather.

The best bleach for babies’ clothes is Clorox Regular Bleach. It removes stains on white clothes and in hospitals and daycare centers; it can wash newborn clothing, bedding, and liners; Clorox bleach kills viruses and bacteria and eliminates mold.

How to bleach newborn clothes using Clorox

using bleach to wash newborn clothes

Dilute two teaspoons of bleach in a quarter cup of water

Put the solution in water and leave it for some time.

Rinse and dry them.

Safety Tips

Ensure that the windows and doors are open to avoid suffocation if you are in an enclosed space.

Put on respirators as recommended in the instructions.

Wear a face shield to protect your eyes and face from splashes.

Wear gloves to prevent the chemical from destroying your hands.

Is it harmful to use bleach in newborn clothes?

It is not harmful. Bleaches come in different varieties. It is upon the parent to choose the one that will not harm the baby.

Natural bleaches to consider for washing newborns clothes


Lemon is a natural remedy for bleaching clothes. Lemons contain some vitamins, essential in removing spots on the face and treating oily skin. The citric in the lemon juice acts as a bleaching agent. Use this procedure to lighten your newborns’ clothes. The lemon should be fresh and from a grocery or shop.

In hot water, add lemon juice.

Allow the clothes to soak overnight.

Wash your clothes with some detergents the next day.

Rinse with clean water and dry.


Vinegar is known for whitening and removing stains from clothes. White vinegar can reduce the fading of clothes and remove nasty colors and smells in clothes. It is cheap to use and durable. This helps bleach newborn clothes.

The procedure of removing stains using vinegar.

In a bucket of water, pour some vinegar. Soak the clothes you intended to remove stains for 24 hours or overnight.

Wash the clothes with a detergent by rubbing where you want to remove stains.

Rinse and dry.

Baking soda

Baking soda is mainly used even to date. It is known for its properties that help remove spots and whiten clothes.

Add the detergent to a bucket with water and soak the clothes for 24 hours

Wash the clothes with a detergent by rubbing areas with stains

Rinse with clean water and dry them. This will help bleach newborn clothes.

Ultraviolet rays from the sun

Sunshine is a natural bleach agent. The presence of ultraviolet rays helps in whitening white clothes for newborns. It is cheap to use as you do not need to incur the cost to buy bleaching detergent or harsh chemicals. What you need are time and sunshine. This will help bleach newborn clothes.

The procedure on how to bleach newborn clothes in the sun

Wash your clothes with detergents as usual. Add a half cup of lemon juice to boost the results.

After washing, rinse with clean water and hang them directly in the sunlight. Leave the clothes to dry for hours. You can lay the clothes as flat as possible it is essential to make sure that every part of the fabric receives direct sunlight. It is the sun rays that are doing the bleaching. You’ll have bright white clothes without leftovers of bleach.

Fold them and store them appropriately.

Benefits of using natural bleach to wash newborns clothes

Natural bleaching is good and effective when cleaning cots. Many dirt and dust particles can accumulate on the baby’s cot during the day. Using natural bleach can remove the dirt.

Natural products are safe for newborns. They are not made of harmful chemicals which affect the newborn environment as well as their body.

Sometimes you may notice that any time bleach is used for washing newborn clothes, the skin starts peeling and being dry. This is because of harmful chemicals that are used during the manufacture of the products.

We should always practice using natural products when washing the newborn’s clothes.


Bleaches have positive and negative impacts when using them. I recommend Clorox bleach when washing newborn clothes. It would be so sad for a newborn to start peeling off the skin or having rashes on their bodies due to using other types of bleach.

Parents should read the instruction in any bleach or detergent to make sure the safety of their children.

They should also be used for a reason, and not always when washing every other type of clothes. It should also be stored in a cool and dry place, away from the reach of children.

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