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How To Trim The Nails of a Newborn Baby

cutting newborn nails
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When you become a parent, you suddenly realize that there are many things you don’t know how to do.

After all, parenting is a skill that you learn over time. One of those skills is how to cut your baby’s nails.

The first time you do it, it can be pretty intimidating, but this guide will walk you through it step-by-step on trimming your newborn’s nails without cutting their fingers.

Newborn babies always stretch themselves. The best time for cutting their nails is while they are asleep. During the first weeks after pregnancy, the newborns’ nails are very soft; thus, it is good to use a nail file.

Never bite or tear your newborn’s nails using your teeth. This can lead to biting or harming them.

You can switch to clippers or scissors when your baby’s nails are strong. When trimming newborn nails, ensure that the room has enough light to help you see well.

Ask for support from friends or family to help you hold the baby as you trim. Take one of your baby’s fingers and hold it firmly.

Gently push the skin away from the tip of the nail and hold it. Put the clippers under the nail and press slowly until the nail cuts. You can use the same process when using a scissor.

Use a file to get rid of sharp edges. It is always good to cut the fingernails along the curve of the nails.

Importance of trimming newborn baby nails

It is essential to trim newborn baby nails as it makes them look well-groomed, neat, and tidy. You eliminate dirt and germs that cause infection when you cut the nails.

Trimming their nails keeps them shorter, which will help prevent them from getting entangled in things and from becoming ingrown.

Additionally, if a baby is experiencing difficulty gripping things, trimming their nails can help improve their grip.

Apart from that, trimming the nails can reduce the likelihood of necrosis, a condition in which nails die, thus preventing infections. Cutting nails also help the baby learn how to control their nails even when they grow into adults.

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