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How to remove boogers out of newborn baby’s nose( Will shock you)

Removing boogers in a newborn nose
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When you’re a new parent, you spend a lot of time worrying about how to remove boogers out of newborn baby’s nose.

Is this the right formula? Does this rash need to be seen by a doctor?

One thing you probably don’t think about very often is what to use. A baby’s nose is a tiny little human body part, but it’s actually a pretty important one.

Did you know that if your little one has a booger on their nose, you should probably take it off?

Today we are going to share four tips to how to remove boogers out of newborn baby’s nose.

There are four ways of removing boogers from a newborn baby’s nose. These include using a bulb syringe, a nasal solution, a nasal aspirator, and distilled water syringe. This helps the newborn breathe well, especially during breastfeeding, and aids in air circulation.

In the rest of the article, we will look at the four ways and how to remove boogers out of newborn baby’s nose.

A nose clogged with mucus can make it difficult for newborn babies to breathe and eat properly.

Bulb syringe 

A bulb syringe clears a newborn baby’s nose off mucus, boogers, and milk. Newborns breathe with their noses; therefore, whenever they have boogers in the nose this hinders, them from breathing well.

How to remove boogers out of newborn baby's nose

When using this bulb syringe to remove boogers from a newborn nose, you need first to squeeze the air out of the bulb and keep it pressed, then place the end tip in the baby’s nose and slowly release the bulb.

This creates a vacuum effect that aids in removing the gunk. But if the boogers are hard and you can harm the baby when removing them, then you can use a saline solution.

The saline solution may be informed sprays or drops, which should only be used a maximum of four times a day. More than that can lead to nasal irritation in the newborn. This is how to remove boogers out of newborn baby’s nose.

Nasal Solution

This is where you buy drops and sprays to help lose thick mucus. You don’t need to spray a lot of drops but only a few. One drop of each nostril is enough.

This will be of great help if especially it induces a sneeze but more often you will need to use a bulb.

The bulb syringe will help you suck the gunk. You can buy or make your own saline solution with 300ml of warm water and a quarter teaspoon of salt.

An alternative if you are breastfeeding you can put a few drops of breast milk on the baby’s nose.

Nasal aspirator

The safest and most effective tool to remove boogers from a newborn nose is a nasal aspirator.   

A nasal aspirator has a mouthpiece and a part that is attached to a tube with a narrow tip. It has also a disposable filter to stop gunk from entering your mouth and to prevent you from sucking too hard. 

It is easy to use where you place babies on their back, put the mouthpiece in your mouth, and place the narrow tip against the opening of your baby’s nose. Don’t place it too far inside rather suck through the mouthpiece gently.

You will notice some mucus, but don’t do it more than four times to prevent harming a newborn.

Make sure you wash it thoroughly with soapy water after use. Many newborn babies are always against this method at first, but as they get used, they learn and like it.

Distilled water syringe

In this method, you flush out your nostrils with lots of warm and distilled water. Thou, this is not a suitable method especially when it comes to newborns. It does work but not much better as a nasal aspirant.

This can make you uncomfortable, especially during the night.

Apart from this, you can use a humidifier that produces steam which you can leave it running the whole day which helps in breaking mucus when kids breathe in.

Also, a warm bath for kids can work well whereby it helps open the nostrils and loosen up mucus.

Hydration is also important to kids whereby a newborn should consume enough breast milk to help remove boogers from a newborn baby’s nose. This is also the best method on how to remove boogers out of newborn baby’s nose.

What are boogers and why do newborns produce them?

Here’s what happens not only to newborn babies but also to adults. When something comes out of the nose regularly the body has got a good reason for getting rid of it.

Our noses get full of fluffy things which are boogers. Always know that the body has got a reason for getting rid of them.

how to unblock baby nose naturally

When you breathe in this means that you taking in a lot of what’s floating in the air. This may include dust, smoke, germs, and dirt. When you inhale all these things your body may be sick.

However, in our body, we have mucus that traps all these things to prevent our bodies from infection.

The respiratory system helps our bodies get the oxygen required in the body. All the layers of the respiratory system are lined with a thin layer of mucus. Generally, our bodies generate a lot of mucus from our mouths down to the stomach.

These keep the part of the respiratory system moist, healthy, and sticky. Thus, particles such as dirt, smoke, and dust are trapped to prevent us from becoming sick.

On the other hand, sometimes the air we breathe is ,dry and in cases where you breath a lot of air, the mucus that lines the nose, instead of being thin and watery, becomes dry. The hard things left behind are what are referred to as boogers.

Thus boogers are there because mucus has kept that stuff out of your body preventing you from diseases.


Newborn care is critical to help them grow well. Make sure that you remove booger’s from your newborn nose so as breastfeed well and aid in air circulation.

That’s all for today. I hope these tips on how to remove boogers out of newborn baby’s nose will be of important to you. Let me know what you think about this article. If you have any questions, or suggestions don’t forget to share them in the comment section today.

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