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How to dress a newborn baby in summer (2022)

Baby dressing in summer
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Having a baby can be one of the most exciting times in your life.

Every parent wants to do everything they can to keep their new baby safe and healthy, and that includes making sure they’re appropriately dressed for the weather.

If you have a new baby or know someone who does, here are some tips on how to dress a newborn baby during summer.

This is during the warm climate thus you should be thinking of light clothes. Thus it is always advisable for parents to dress their newborns just as they are dressed.

Dress them in light t-shirts to enable the circulation of air all over the place.

According to McClure and Sauer in their comparison of the rate of mortality for newborns in relation to summer heat has increased over years. This is a result of parents overdressing their newborns during summer.

They argue that at room temperatures a certain number of clothes reduced the rate of heat. This is due to conduction and radiation. Temperatures of 37 degrees can cause excess harm to the newborn skin.

It is always important to check the temperature of a given place the understand how you will dress your newborn. Thus having a thermometer is good to monitor the temperatures.

What to dress baby in 22 degrees outside

As a mother, you should know that the body of a newborn is weak and if proper care is not taken for them this can lead to infections and diseases.

Baby dressing in summer

At 22 degrees especially at night, you should dress in a vest, or a sleep suit and then cover them with a woolen shawl to keep them warm.

It is always important during summer to ensure that your newborn remains cool to reduce the risks of SIDS which occurs as a result of overheating.

How to dress a baby girl during summer.

Dressing a baby girl during summer can be sometimes difficult. Use fewer layers when dressing them. You can put them in light trousers and a cotton t-shirt. This is to ensure breathability.

You should avoid clothes with fiddly straps or ties this is to prevent them from choking. Also, avoid clothes with loose buttons and tight necklines this is to ensure that they are comfortable.

It is also good to keep them in the shade as much as possible this is to prevent overheating. Don’t also forget to use sunscreens to prevent sunburns.

Always use a thin material like a thin cotton sheet when swaddling them and never swaddle above the shoulders.

You can tell whether the baby is getting too hot when sweating by checking the tummy or the back of the neck. If this happens take off some of their clothes or beddings.

How to keep your baby cool in summer

The baby cannot regulate temperatures by themselves they need some help from their parents.

How to keep your baby cool during the day.

Dress them appropriately

Always dress them in clothes that are light and loose only just one layer. These can include t-shirts, shorts, and dresses. If you are indoors you can dress them in a nappy and vest if the temperatures are good. This helps them sleep well during naps or even at night.

Make sure the baby is hydrated

This is for babies who are six months who have started weaning. Give them a lot more water on top of their milk or food but remember that breastmilk or infant formula should be their main drink during their first year.

For newborns under six months, you should never give water since everything is catered in the breastmilk.

Offer lots of water play

Babies love playing with water. It is good to give them water during summer for them to play with. They love activities such as emptying and filling water in cups.

You can also put them in a paddling pool but ensure that the temperatures of the water are slightly lower than the bath water.

Make sure the water is not too cold for younger babies.

Do not cover baby’s Prams or Buggies with clothes or blankets

This prevents air circulation which is dangerous, especially for newborn babies. This is because the covering leads to overheating leading to risks of SIDS in babies.

Using covers also creates a block between the baby and the parent thus the parent will not be aware whether the parent is facing some difficulties.

Baby dressing in summer

Keep doors and windows closed

When the curtains and the doors are open they tend to bring in the warm air inside the room which brings more warmth to the room. So it is good to keep doors and windows closed during the day.

When the temperatures begin to cool down this is at night you can open the door and the curtains to bring in that cool air.


To sum up, a baby’s health is so important to ensure that they grow and develop well. Always dress them well depending on the weather. During summer dress them in light and loose clothes to prevent overheating.

You should also keep them cool when it is too hot by dressing them appropriately, keeping doors and curtains closed, never covering the baby’s prams or buggies using blankets, and offering them water to play with.

Let me know what has been left out in this article and if you have any questions don’t forget to comment in the comment section below.

Thank you for taking the time to read this article.

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