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How to Care for Your Baby:(From Birth to Six Months)

caring for a newborn baby
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The birth of a newborn is exciting and hectic at times. As a mother, you need to understand everything when it comes to parenting and taking care of the baby.

However, this can be challenging for you when it is your first experience. In this article, we will help you deal with the concern of being a parent.

You can take care of your baby in the following ways: Taking care of yourself as a parent, breastfeeding the baby, when it comes to sleeping and crying, enhancing physical hygiene for both you and the baby, playing and learning, and checking on their growth and development, and keeping your baby safe. In the entire article, we are going to discuss these tips to help you take care of your baby well.

baby care

Feeding your baby

Research shows that the health of babies who are breastfed is high as compared to those children fed formula milk.

Those who are breastfed have less risk of illnesses such as coughs and colds; high blood pressure in the future, obesity, diabetes, and kidney infections.

The benefits of breastfeeding include: it is readily available, there is no wastage of time for the feeds to be made up, the milk is always at a good temperature, and there are no costs to be made.

As opposed to babies, breastfeeding is important to a mother as it reduces the risk of breast cancer and diabetes in the future.

The baby should be breastfed for the first six months without tampering by giving them anything else. Even a drip of water. Breastfeed the baby when he or she looks for milk.

The more you breastfeed, the better the supply of milk. This will help the baby much and will start gaining weight. Breastfeeding is a skill that you should learn. New mothers always encounter problems during their first weeks, but when you earn it becomes easier.

During busy schedules or at work you can express the milk for them to take. You can either do it manually by hand or by using a pump.

In case you decide to use formula milk, the doctor will give information on how to make up the formula and feed the baby.

Procedure on how to make a formula feed

Boil water then let it cool for 30 minutes.

Clean your hands and the surfaces.

Always read the instructions carefully.

Measure the correct amount of cooled water and pour it into a sterilized bottle.

Put the correct formula into the bottle using the scoop provided.

Close the bottle with a lid and make sure they are not loose.

Coll the feed by immersing it in cold water or holding the bottle under running water.

Shake the bottle and check whether the feed is not too hot.

If not hot you can feed them. Use a silicone bib when feeding them.

Sleeping and crying

The best position for your baby to sleep in is on their back. It’s wrong for a baby to sleep on their front or side. This can lead to the risk of SIDS.

You can change their sleeping position in a cot. This helps them move their head to the left or right, thus strengthening the neck muscles.

During the day you can place your baby on their tummy. Tummy time helps in strengthening their head neck and back muscles thus improving their growth and development. At this time, you should be close to them.

From birth to 3months a baby should sleep for 16-20 hours while from 3months to 6 they should sleep for 16-18 hours.

Where can a baby sleep safely?

The baby should sleep in a crib and you should keep it in your room for at least the first six months.

To avoid draught, the crib should not be below the window or against the wall.

The crib should not be next to a radiator, as it may be too hot

Do not place or hang toys in the baby crib.

Do not place pillows or blankets in a baby crib.

This helps them to sleep throughout the night.

Also, ensure that your baby does not cry each and every moment. Always be close to them. It is always wrong to leave your baby alone in the house.

Baby care from 0-6 months

Enhancing the hygiene of both the baby and the mother

Hygiene is important for every person. This should be taken into consideration when you have a newborn baby. Your midwife will show you how to bathe the bath.

Do not fear to ask your fellow moms if you need more clarification.

Tips on how to bathe a baby.

Prepare the essentials that you will need during the bathing process e.g. the creams, towels, and cloths.

Do it during the day when the climate is favorable.

Close the windows to avoid excess air which can lead to a baby getting sick

Never leave the baby alone in a bath

The water and the basin should be favorable. The water should be high enough to cover the tummy when bathing the baby.

Use both hands when washing the baby.

Support his head and neck while washing the baby.

The baby should bathe two or three times a week.

Always check on the baby’s Growth and Development

The baby should grow and increase in weight and height from one month to another. By breastfeeding the baby gains weight naturally. Thus it is important for the mother to take meals with a high level of nutrients for the baby to grow well.

Baby AgeWhat your baby can see:
At birthThe baby has sight but is not very clear.
0-6weeksThe baby focuses on the face in front of her.
6-8 weeksThe baby starts to smile. Here he or she can identify you.
2-6 monthsThe baby understands different objects and toys.
By 6 monthsThe baby can see across the room
A table showing what a baby can see in their first six months.

Playing and learning

This is essential for a baby as they grow and develop. From birth to three months the baby smiles the moment they see you. They also showed interest in moving the toys. They are able to learn about bright colors, shapes, and objects.

From age 3-6months the baby enjoys it when you play together. They become more interactive and learn how to attract your attention by screaming.

newborn care

Take care of yourself as a parent.

As a parent eating a balanced diet is useful for both you and the baby. Feed on healthy foods such as vegetables, fruits, and cereals. Drink a lot of fluids to aid in producing breast milk.

Exercises are essential to help you regain your figure back. You should do them regularly to prevent diseases that may arise.

You may also feel tired and strained due to a lack of enough sleep. This may be a result of a change in hormones. Thus, as your body goes back to normal, this will also end.

For family planning, it is safe for you and your partner to decide the best one to use. It is possible to become pregnant again even if your periods are not back.

Ask your family or your brothers and sisters to offer you support. As a new parent, you may not be conversant with what you are doing so it is good to request assistance.


Caring for the baby should be considered by every parent. You should ensure that hygiene, breastfeeding, play and learning, and growth and development are met to care for the future of the baby.

As a mother eat a balanced diet and foods that reach in fiber. You should also take a lot of fluids and do exercises.

I hope these tips are going to help both new mothers and parents. If you have any questions or you have something to add feel free to share them in the comment section below.

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