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Best Baby Toys for ages 0-6months

newborn toys 0-6months
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Best baby toys gifts for 0-6months.

The first few months with a new baby are exciting and overwhelming for many parents. If you have a baby, you may know all about baby toys.

However, if you are confused about which ones are the best, which can you afford, or even which ones are worth your money, you need to give them something durable, long-lasting, and enjoyable to use.

Here are my top picks for baby toys that I’ve used and loved.

For newborns and babies between 0-6months old, the toys that I recommend for them to have are the baby gym, a ball, a soft mirror where they can see themselves, a teether, and musical toys. The models are good for a 0-6 months old and their prices are reasonable. These are great options for both the parents and kids as they come with a variety of colors and designs which are favorites for kids.

In the rest of this article, I will give more information on the 5 models of toy I recommended above.

Baby gym

This baby gym toy is for newborns o-6 months. It is the best during that age and used for the first 6 months of their lives.

What makes them the best for newborns is that they have toys hanging from them, so the baby can reach and grab them.

It keeps them motivated for tummy time because there are things like tags that they can interact with and keep them engaged in tummy time.

Factors to consider when choosing a baby gym

  • Presence of Play Gym Mat to Develop Fine & Gross Motor Skills. This is a key factor to consider whereby the baby play mat comes with 5 cute rattle pendants, which attract your little one to grab & shake. The piano is specially designed for infant baby toys 3-6 months 0-3 months, its cheerful nursery music encourages the baby to kick again and again. Baby play gyms encourage babies to use and develop the muscles in their arms, legs, tummy, back, and neck. It stimulates good motor skills.
  • Early Music Education Helps Brain Development

The baby gym comes up with musical rhythms that help in the baby’s brain development. They understand how to play piano at a younger age. The soft light design helps visual perception and does not harm the baby’s eyes.

  • Soft Thick and Machine-Washable Mat

It is made of high-quality cotton & fabrics, extra thick with fine and smooth touch. This makes it comfortable for the skin of the baby. The unique quality of washability makes it easy to clean and thus protects the baby.

Safe and non-toxic

Baby gyms are safe and with polished smooth edges. The strong & soft arch is safe for the baby to play with as a baby activity center. The baby play gym requires 3 x AA batteries.


The ball classic looks like any type of ball. It is a perfect ball with a diameter of 4 and attractive designs.

They have several different colors for example red-yellow-green and blue.

The holes inside the ball make it easier for the baby to grab and catch it with their hands. This makes it suitable for newborns and babies from 0-to 6 months.

Soft mirror toy

The safe mirror is easy to play especially during the baby’s tummy time.

Tummy time enables babies to gain muscle strength in their necks as they learn how to raise their heads. 

The soft mirror is designed to help newborns strengthen themselves. The babies look at themselves through the mirror, interacting and keeping them motivated.

The accurate reflection mirror makes the baby focus on her face and this promotes vision development. As the vision develops the baby increases his eyesight development whereby they get the contrast between black and white images.

Teether Baby Toys

The next toy I like most is the tether toy. They are lightweight and easy to clean. Kids love them and can place them in their mouths.

Teething starts early and by six months at least the kid has some teeth.

The toys are nice for them when around three to four months.

At this stage, kids have developed and can understand what various toys are meant for.

The one that I like much is the Lamaze, they come with tags and make a lot of noise. They are also good when hung in cars since they look attractive.

Musical toys

Musical toys are awesome for newborns at this age. These instruments not only boost psych-mortal skills but also the cognitive aspect. Different patterns and rhythms helps the brain of a newborn think fast and good in passing out the information

The musical toys have some drum sets installed into them or flowers that sing songs. This makes them happy and more motivated.


Rattle toys are awesome for newborns from 0-to 6 months. They are modified in different colors and styles for different ages of the kids.

They have different styles and designs which are liked by newborns.


Baby toys are good as they help newborns advance through different stages of development.

At every stage, we have different toys for specific activities. Parents should invest more in toys for newborns.

Toys improve creativity for kids whereby they can reason about how to handle the toys.

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